Friday, 7 June 2013

Smallest Penis Competition

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's a wet-tighty-whiteys contest (nudity optional) for men with modest members but little modesty. The organizer of the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn contest, Aimee Arciulo, says she was inspired when a man with a "shockingly tiny" penis gave her an awesome night between the sheets, and she discovered her female friends had similar stories.

So, she decided to empower them by having them strut around in white underwear while women fire squirt guns at them. You know, empowerment. Still, we say let them hold their little heads up high and get some recognition for having to actually learn talent in the sack. The prize money will be given to a charity of the winner's choice, although they can also designate themselves as the charity. The contest will be held at the Kings County Bar on July 20th if you would like to enter (don't worry, they will know when you're in).

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  1. a friendly and generous competition becausee the price goes to a caring organization