Thursday, 6 June 2013

Guest Post: Are you a “Shower” or a “Grower”?

Guys, we are all built differently down there - in size, shape, foreskin, no foreskin. Since it’s not common to ask other guys about their personal power tool, you may be wondering about flaccid penis size but too shy to ask. When it comes to normal penile functions, some of us are showers and some are growers.


Men who have a longer flaccid length but do not grow much in length when erect are “showers. When they get aroused, their penis expands in firmness & width.

You may have seen these rare guys in the locker room. They have a big ole floppy sausage which gets batted from side to side as it bounces off of their thighs as they walk. You can tell they are not aroused because it’s thin & saggy.


Men (like me) who grow substantially in length & width when they become erect are termed as ‘growers’. The length is typically 1-4 inches when soft and can more than double when hard.

Most men are growers and should be thankful for the reduced size when soft otherwise it would be very uncomfortable when playing sports or even walking up stairs. Showers, you may need to wear compression shorts to keep things snug & tight.

Both types of cocks are ‘normal’. When glancing at other naked men, know that length of a flaccid penis is not a good predictor as to how hung a guy may be.

About Darnel Jackson

Darnel is a gay black bodybuilder in Seattle, WA and loves everything about muscle and sex. He is available for phone sex, video chats and in depth conversations about cocks.

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