Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Million $ Penis

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A TOP British porn star has insured his manhood for a staggering $1MILLION, it emerged today.

Los Angeles based Keiran Lee, from Derby, today revealed his impressive policy - taken out with Lloyd's of London.
The insurance firm also famously insured Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan's vocal cords and Betty Grable and David Beckham's legs.
Kieran's porn studio Brazzers took out the policy - worth £645,000 - to protect itself in case of the star suffering a mishap.
The 28-year-old said: "I had to have a medical exam to make sure I was all fit and healthy."
He said the insurance company would only not pay if he lost his member.
But he said: "I don't plan on losing my penis any time soon."
He continued: "The worst part is that if anything does ever happen, the money gets paid out to Frank Lipari, my boss."
He also said that when his adult actress girlfriend Kirsten Price heard about the insurance policy, she joked: "Only a million dollars? To me baby, it's priceless."
Lee has shot about 800 scenes in his adult film career - about 600 of them for Brazzers.

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