Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bills Phases of Masturbation

Originally posted by Bill, HERE.

I've been reading some of the posts on masturbation groups and have to admit I'm probably a chronic masturbator.  I think I've learned a different prospective about masturbation during the last year reading and similar groups where guys talk about their masturbation habits.  I've always enjoyed masturbation of course, but looking back on how I practiced it I realize now there's more to my habit than I admitted.

First of all, I'm 60+ and married.  During all these years of marriage sex was good but infrequent, we're very different that way.  I continued masturbating and found any excuse to be out of the house masturbating, especially business trips.  The evenings were all mine!  

About 9 years ago I retired and had the house to myself most of the day!  So you guessed it, I spent most every morning looking for porn and masturbating.  At  one point after a couple of years using free internet porn,  I remember asking myself "Could I live with this as my only sex outlet, sitting here chatting, watching porn and masturbating?"  I know how many would answer!  But I wasn't sure.  The masturbation was wonderful but leaving my wife I wouldn't consider.  We stopped having sex about 6 years ago so actually I was already mostly a sexless marriage.

During that time I discovered cumming on pictures for women(or men on their wives pics), taking pictures of myself doing it and sending the pics to them.  I ended up falling into it big time, people just love these pics.  I joined a number of yahoo groups for my new masturbation past time.  It became my main masturbation activity and it still is today.  Guys here like to cum frequently, but I like to save my cum so I have a nice load for my pictures!  And there's a little orgasm denial going on as well ;-)

A few months ago I started masturbating in bed at night while my wife slept.  I think I've been hoping to be discovered to start a conversation about my masturbation.  She's caught me a couple of times before and wasn't happy.  Usually I don't cum if I know I've got a picture session planned, don't want to loose my load too soon!  So I just edge along and enjoy it.

We tried fucking a few months ago and I couldn't keep it hard unless she was on her back, me kneeling between her legs stroking, then I could just push my penis head in her vagina slightly before I squirted and lost my erection.  I have to admit it was very exciting ;-)  I have some ED but masturbation is much less affected.  If I go soft, so what?  Just stroke a little more!

And then it hit me.  I had built a 3 stage ladder, cumming for strangers on their pics is at the top, masturbating in bed at night is the middle and fucking my wife's vagina is last.  Now is that pathetic?  By societies macho standards it surely is, so I probably fit right in here.

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