Friday, 23 December 2011

5 Fun Ways to Masturbate

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You may think you know how to masturbate, but you have no idea. Every guy's method for beating the bishop or choking the chicken will differ just a little bit from everyone else's, naturally. But, all that's really required is the right kind of friction in just the right spot. Once a man has committed to a masturbation technique of his own, his form pretty much stays the same for his whole life. And yet, it doesn't have to be that way.
Every guy should know at least five fun ways to masturbate. Sure, the normal five knuckle shuffle is fun and all, but a little variation is good for everybody. There really can be too much of a good thing so it is best to switch things up occasionally to keep things fresh and exciting. Here are five fun ways to masturbate to make the most out of your alone time.

1. The Stranger. Quite possibly the most famous masturbation technique of all, The Stranger has earned it's reputation. The one drawback that many see in masturbation is that it is generally a solo activity. It is always better to have an attractive lady friend help you out. As stated earlier, masturbation is tricking your penis into thinking a vagina is around. The Stranger simply takes that trickery one step further. You sit on the hand you plan on using until it is numb. When you lose sensation in that hand feel free to go to town. It feels like somebody else is taking care of you.

2. The Endless Vagina. The act of masturbating is basically simulating a vagina. The Endless Vagina is simulating a vagina that never ends. Fairly self explanatory. The Endless Vagina is achieved by making a fist with one hand and sliding it down over the penis. When the head of the penis emerges slide the other hand down. Rinse and repeat until desired results are achieved.

3. Hot Meat Sandwich. This one is pretty simple. Basically, your stomach and one of your hands will be the bread and you fill this sandwich with your sausage. Rub your hand against your penis for the friction. See, friction equals heat. These names totally make sense. This sandwich definitely beats those egg salad sandwiches they sell in gas stations, just remember to keep some napkins on hand. This is a Hot Meat Sandwich, not a Sloppy Joe.
4. The Lefty. This is really only The Lefty if you are right-handed, if you are left-handed it is The Righty. If you are ambidextrous then instead of five fun ways to masturbate you get four. The idea behind The Lefty is to masturbate using your non-dominant hand. This simply switches things up from the normal routine for a different feel. Your off hand will produce a different pressure, speed and pulling direction. It also helps to keep your dominant hand from developing the aforementioned calluses, so it is basically a win win scenario.
5. Rosy Palms AKA Sandpaper. While the name Sandpaper may cause a little trepidation, this technique is one of the five fun ways to masturbate. The premise is simple, grip the penis with one hand and rub the head of the penis with the palm of the other hand. It's really only Sandpaper when the hands used are calloused, so be careful how often you have your personal time.


  1. I use the Lefty quite a lot. I can type one handed better with my right hand so I stroke with my left when chatting online :-)

  2. Hehe .. I shall remember that if we should ever chat .. and insist you do it when we do! ;-)

  3. Grip bottom of penis with one hand, up, down and rub cock head with other hand, lovely!

  4. I have a version of #1 that I really like. I like to masturbate in bed at night while my wife is sleeping. We keep the room dark, but I sit up against the headboard, spread my legs with feet together and stroke away. The interesting thing is that because the room is dark and there is no porn around, it's just my cock and hand. After awhile and as I get close to edging I start to feel every crease and fold of skin on my cock and feel my hand gently caressing my cock head or swirling over the top to wipe precum onto the rest of my shaft. I can relax as best I can and only feel my cock and hand stroking. It's almost an 'out of body' experience, total devotion to my cock and the loving attention it craves! Very nice!