Thursday, 28 November 2013

A(nother) Return

This blog is popular and it's a shame when someone isn't able to keep it going.  With that in mind, we are changing the format of the blog a little to make it slightly easier to manage and keep going.  Don't panic - we will still be bringing you all the cock you can take, in all forms .. but we will will be pulling back a little on the number of cocks that we are sharing in the week.

Gone is Cock of the Day but we will be keeping Cock of the Week .. this just means that we won't struggle to find submissions .. which is good for all of us!

We will also continue to share news stories and videos that we find and like and encourage you to send us things that you find that you like and want to share with us and our readers.

So get involved .. submit your cock stuff and sit back and enjoy!

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